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Kamis, 04 Oktober 2012



Abstract: The objectivity of scientific truth is no longer a taken-for-granted concept. Rather, it has been rendered suspect, because there is doubt about both the possibility of  acquiring it and its intrinsic value. This article is an attempt to show the contrary. After describing three main reasons why the concept of  thk  objectivity of  scientific truth has been under fire lately, I suggest that the notion of  objectivity itself should be recast. The rejection of  objectivity actually arises from the misunderstanding that leads to the
conflation between objectivi~m  and objectivity The next part of the  artide tries to show that the objec&ity  of scientific truth, to a certain extent, can be attributed not only to natural sciences but also to social sciences, and that ethics can also give objective moral knowledge. Objectivity is a moral concept, before it is a methodological concept. Thus, objectivity is humanly valuable and should not be abandoned.

Keywords: Objektivitas, metode ilmiah, kebenaran, sains, etika.
"Some femi~rists and  thinkers jrorn  other  liberatory  knolubdge project, have  thought that  the  ueg, notion  o j  objectivity  shonld  be  abandoned. They 19 i t  is  hopelesr~ tainted  ly  its  use  in  racist,  imperialist,  bourgeoir, homophobic,  and  androcent~c rcientific projects.  Moreover,  i t  is  tied to  a
theory  of  representation and  concept  o j  the  selj or  subect that  inriitr  on  a rigid  barrier  between  subject  and  object  of  knoidege-between  selj and Other."  (Sandra  ~ a r d i n ~ ) .

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